Spiritual Gifts Survey


Spiritual gifts are observable as believers function in the body of Christ.

This instrument is designed for individual believers to give to several of their Christian friends who know them quite well. As their friends respond to the questions, a pattern will develop.

By having several friends fill it out, it tends to confirm what the Holy Spirit has done in that believer's life.

It is not wrong for people to fill it out about themselves; but by having other individuals respond, the results will display a pattern of demonstrated impact rather than a pattern of desired impact.

This instrument is not the last word. It should be one tool to help a believer identify the direction the Holy Spirit has been blessing in his or her life.

Here are details about the survey:

  • • There are 12 sections, consisting of nine statements each.

    • Read each section as a single unit.

    • Without attempting to identify which gift each statement is describing, choose up to three that are the most true about the believer in that section.

    • You may mark less than three but no more than three in any section.

    • If you do mark less than three statements, begin with the 'Most Like' column.

    • Complete each section in the same manner.

When completed, you will receive results showing which spiritual gifts are stronger than others. This may be printed out and shared.